Friday, July 17, 2009

tweet tweet!

The good news...Bonzai Beads is now on Twitter!
The bad news...I have no freaking clue what Im doing! ha!

check me out on twitter and follow me! maybe i'll learn a thing or two from ya?? :)


  1. I signed up for Twitter too a month or so ago. Found a friend who, I thought was on it was her husband (they share but he mainly uses it!) She asked me to I did. Could not get it to load on my I have given up :( I guess that is a good thing as it makes me work more than play!

  2. LOL, too funny! I have read online that it is this great promo tool...but I feel like it moves so fast. And I agree with you, less time on twitter, means more working! :)

  3. I tried, but just didn't get it. Guess I'm too old!


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