Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm a danger to myself! OY!

Ok, I think I need to seperate myself from sharp objects. I've been accidentily injuring myself all day today...
First, let me preface this with how I cut my thumb open 3 days before my wedding last year....I was cutting some DIY project and using an, ahem, non-fresh exacto knife (so I was pressing extra hard)....and sliced my thumb on the joint down to the bone. It was pretty gnarly and was a mess. I was taken to the emergency room by a co-worker and 6 stitches later, I had my white thumb brace and my blue stiches (my something blue!) Had to wear said brace thru the wedding day. It was a tidbit cumbersome, but I found nothing but humor (and a little pain) in the entire thing, because I would expect nothing less from my clumsy self, LOL....but I digress....

I've been fancying myself to be more self-sufficient in order to save money and decided to be Martha Stewart today and make homemade granola bars. Now that has nothing to do with me hurting myself, but anyway, I'm cleaning the blade on the chopper and I slice my thumb again about a quarter inch over my previous scar. Mind you, I only have like 30% mobility in that thumb and it still tingles so I really need to treat it with more care then I do.
I've reopened it twice already today and have also fallen down my stairs by accident.

GEESH.....I need to not move off the couch! Thats it, I'm giving myself permission to be a couch potato today so I do not injure myself any further!....The bright side of the story is that the granola bars came out yummy... :)
Have a wonderful day everyone! :P


  1. OMG...I am CONVINCED that July is an evil finger month. My husband cut his finger last week cutting a silicone mold open (he's an artist) and required four stitches. My dad sliced his finger open to the bone on his saw. I stabbed my finger (badly) with a piece of jewelry wire. Now your finger...

  2. I burnt my butt cheek w/the iron and my arm w/the waffle iron within hours last week. Does that count?

  3. LOL I'm glad I'm not alone! Lets hope we are all gonna have a safe Friday :P

  4. It didn't happen in July, but when I was about 12 I was making something with some wooden stick things. I was cutting one with a pair of scissors, and I guess my finger was a little close. Chopped off part of the tip. It was bad enough for stitches, but I still have a small scar from it. Worst of all, I don't remember what I was making when it happen.

  5. AnonymousJuly 24, 2009

    Ouch is right!! I hope you are doing better. It seems like you might need Vince's Slap'n'Chop!

  6. Wow painful and I thought having my some run over my feet and heels in his walker hurt.


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