Friday, July 17, 2009

The evolution of my fan pulls...

I've been creating jewelry for awhile....I took jewelry making in college, and another metalsmithing class few years back, where we melted our silver, made molds, etc. Whoa that was a lot of work but I loved every second of it. I made rings, pendants and a little fairy with a lily box that I can give to my possible future child for their first tooth...

Then I got into the fun of jump rings, semi precious stones...piecing everything together with my hands and a set of tools. Love that just as much!...well one day as Im sitting and stringing an amethyst bracelet while watching Big Love ....I looked up at my ceiling fan. EW. it was a standard ball chain that ended into nothing...then I had a thought.
Why not make something decorative for this that will compliment my decor? Instead of something that just hangs there looking well, just blah.

So I got to beading my first decorative fan pull... now this first one was not a success, lol! While I loved the bead combination I had created...I didnt realize the mechanics of the pulls. You really need something that will withstand a lot of pulling. When I put my first one up, it fell to the ground after about 3 pulls, lol. So I researched the parts I would need to create a sturdy pull.

And new fan pulls withstand a good hearty pull. Wait, that sounds kinda wrong the way I worded it... haha! I have them on my etsy, hope everyone can check them out! :)




  1. Bonzai....beautiful and timely idea! I'll be marking these in your shop as favs!

  2. What a creative idea! They sure look nicer than my strands of cross stitch floss I tied up there when my last pull broke!!

    I've hearted one and will have to come back later to buy! :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 20, 2009

    Nice work! I have at least four places that could use these to "spruce up".


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