Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's next???

All in the last week... A broken refrigerator, tv stopped working, 2 emergency Kitty Vet visits, 1K deductible for fertility tests.....whats next??? I shouldn't say that, our washer had problems last week and our toilet downstairs is not working right since last week. argh.  Time to eat something really bad for me. lol

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  1. I hope you are eating fudge. Fudge does wonders! LOL

    Here's praying all your worries will be history!

  2. A nice pizza always works for me. I look forward to hearing how things turned around.

  3. I had a week like that not long ago and my husband was out of town too. He came home and asked me why I broke everything in the house!

  4. I am thinking a a pint of ice cream would be good.... straight out of the container too.


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