Monday, November 16, 2009

Never thought I'd say this...

but I'm so excited for the new Modern Warfare 2 out....we've started playing the special co-ops, and a little online....its freaking awesome. I never thought I'd be into gaming, the PS3 scared the crap out of me. But we began with Little Big Planet, and now I'm a pro at Call of Duty. The new Modern Warfare so far has been great....anyone out there a player? Got any tips? :)
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  1. OMG!! I love MW2! It is soo intense. The main campaign is harder than MW1. What is your player name? Perhaps Ill see you online!

    Have fun!!

  2. A new side of you! Never have played but I hope you continue to enjoy yourself :)

  3. LOL thanks! I never thought I'd ever even touch the playstation :P

  4. Oh wow.. I think my husband wish I liked it! hee hee... just Little Big Planet and Rock Band for me... I am so bad at shooting games!


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