Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New! Blue Kyanite Bullet earrings!


Earrings made from a bullet casing from a that I shot myself! Shooting can be fun, a real stress reliever. And with everything we are going through, it feels like therapy!
I was inspired to make these earrings when I saw the perfect fit of the cool and raw blue Kyanite aqainst the rich brass patina of the bullet casing. I have a great variety of bullet casings and hope to have more designs online soon!
Check them out!!
Kyanite Bullet earrings


  1. Cool earrings! I have shell casings saved to make earrings too. Different size casings though. DIfferent style too. I like them!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. These are awesome!!! It's cool to know that not only did you make them, but you "emptied" the casings yourself!

  3. Wow!! They are just amazing. Very unique & interesting earring piece I have seen for a long time. Last interesting stuff I found was at omericaorganic.com, they are into wooden jewelry. You may take a look if interested.


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